About Us

GRTD Investments, LLC is located in Dubuque, Iowa. We have rental properties in the Dubuque and surrounding areas.

Meet the Team

Dennis Buchheit » Owner
Picture of Dennis Buchheit
Toben Murdock » Owner
Picture of Toben Murdock
Kelly Davis » Property Manager
Picture of John Doe
Kelly Davis, a Dubuque native, has been involved in property management over the last few years. Kelly works closely with tenants on leasing, maintenance requests, and payments.
Valerie Kieler » Assistant Property Manager
Picture of Valerie Kieler
Joe Splinter » Maintenance
Picture of Joe Splinter
John Czyzewski » Maintenance
Picture of John Czyzewski
Leo Ortiz » Maintenance
Picture of Leo Ortiz
Ron Williams » Painter
Tom Kasper » Maintenance
Picture of Tom Kasper
Vance Bradley » Maintenance
Picture of Vance Bradley
Zach Amling » Carpenter
Picture of Zach Amling
Kevin Pladna » Maintenance
Picture of Kevin Pladna
Mike Allen » Maintenance
Picture of Mike Allen
Austin Bishop » Maintenance
Picture of Austin Bishop
Ron Hiris » Operations Manager
Picture of Ron Hiris
Ron Hiris, a native of New York, has been involved with property management for over a decade. Ron is hands on with all aspects of the business.

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